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Where Chic and Classic Meet – Jord Watches


I am so excited to announce that I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jord Watches, a watch brand that is known for their handcrafted wood timepieces, raw materials, and refined design.

A little about the company…

Jord (pronounced Yoad) is a thriving brand that creates each modern timepiece with 100% natural wood, sapphire glass, and a whole-lot of love. Jord offers an assortment of watch styles with a selection of 12 different types of wood (Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony, Golden Camphor, Koa, Kosso, Maple, Olive, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Sandalwood, and Walnut). Their watches are truly where chic & trendy meet classic & timeless.

Taken directly from their website…

Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

The Perfect Gift

Another amazing service that Jord offers is the ability to engrave and personalize their timepieces. I don’t know about you, but even for a girl like me who loves to shop and search for gifts, can get stumped sometimes. For instance- the boyfriend. For ladies like me who constantly have a huge question mark over her head when it comes time to get a gift for the BF (you can only buy your country boyfriend so many fishing poles?!), this options to personalize is AMAZING, especially because there are so many watch options… I should get him one watch for every bday, and after the 5th b-day, they’ll spell out “Please-Do-the-Laundry-Love, Erica” 🙂 …. I’m sure he’d love that! (I’m joking, I’m joking… or am I?)                                                                                                                         

The Cassia Series

The gorgeous watch featured in this post is the Zebra & Ivory watch from the Cassia Series. The Cassia Series was inspired by Scandinavian street style, which focuses on creating varied and vivid looks. Aside from the thinner band made of Zebrawood, I was totally drawn to the elegant face of the watch. Encased by a domed sapphire crystal glass, the face of the watch features beautiful Roman numerals against a brilliant, white backing. Also, the placement of the gold links in the band gives it the perfect finishing touch.

The Cassia Series also offers three other editions, which include:      Ebony & Sable, Walnut & Vintage Rose, and Olive & Aegean Blue.



My Take Away

From the moment my Jord watch arrived on my doorstep, to the very moment I wrote this post, I can 100% affirm my love for this brand. Aside from providing a gorgeous product, Jord makes the process of buying the watch seamless. When ordering your watch, you will be asked your exact wrist measurements so they can size it to you. From there, the watch arrives in a beautiful wooden case (that I now use as a jewelry box in my bedroom…), which includes instructions on how to best care for your new watch, a cleaning oil that helps preserve the wood, and a branded cleaning cloth. Jord also offers a warranty on their watches, and will assist in repairs after the warranty expires for a small fee.

For my ladies and gents that are looking to add to their watch collection, or are shopping around for the perfect gift for a special somebody, Jord is a one-stop shop!



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