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Corporate Cocktail & Black Tie

Hey there chickas!

This past weekend, Shane and I went to a company event for Shane’s work. For one, it was such a great time! The event was held in Atlantic City at the Resorts Hotel and Casino. A quick tid-bit about Resorts; it was actually the very first Atlantic City Casino/Resort- how cool it that?!

Secondly, did I mention we had a great time!? We kicked off the weekend with a luau themed party, which I of course included our couple-ish look below (can I just say, Shane pulls of the Hawaiian shirt perty well?). Any party that greets us with endless margaritas and Coronas is a place I WANT TO BE.  

However, Saturday was when the big guns came out. Shane’s company was hosting a “Black Tie Gala”, which now-a-days, Black Tie seriously is ambiguous?! Not only that, but find a dress that is appropriate, yet youthful and chic, for a corporate event can get a little tricky. With that said, I rounded up a few dresses that not only are great looks for a cocktail look, but could also transition amazingly into holiday-wear!

Just in case you happen to have a black tie event coming up, here’s some affordable, yet elegant gown options, as well!

By the way, sometimes these events can get stuffy or stressful… at the end of the day, always remember the most important thing: have fun!



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