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5 Summer Trends to Transition to Fall

Just one thing- can you believe it is already September (#gag)?! 

So, in honor of the summer months passing, I wanted to do a round up of all my favorite trends from this summer, and more importantly, how these trends will transition beautifully into Fall. I have to give 2018 a round of applause, because I think this summer is one for the books- trends were on P O I N T. 

1.Neutral Tones: This one kind of snuck up on me, because neutrals have always been around. However, neutrals really made a presence for themselves this summer, and the array of textures and tones makes this trend perfect for fall. From tan suede skirts to blush dusters… there are countless ways to fill your fall wardrobe with these babies. Move aside bright colors, neutrals are here to stay.

2. Straw/Woven Bags: Yes, Yes, 100 times, Yes! There were so many fun and playful straw bag options this summer that 1. were incredibly fashion-forward but 2. were super affordable. Also, I feel like these woven bags can definitely makes an appearance in our Fall looks. Im picturing apple picking, denim, and flannels… can you see it? Then throw in a neutral woven bag… DONE.  

3. Gingham Print: Please note that I wish to be buried in Gingham print one day…. Just kidding… but like, totally not. I am in love with all of the gingham print I saw this summer, and like any type of plaid, it can be worn year-round! I am seeing a ton of fall pieces, such as button-downs, skirts, and trenches, that will be flawless for Fall. It is such a fun and feminine print that seriously serves as the perfect staple. 

4. Ruffles and Frills: Lord, let there be frills! There have been so many to-die-for tops, dresses, skirts, etc. that have featured ruffles this summer, and it truly brings my heart joy. Even the most simplistic of looks can be made whole by adding a touch of ruffle to the hem of a skirt, or the cuff of a sleeve. This Fall, be prepared to see come amazing sweater options that feature bell sleeves, ruffle necklines, and more!  


5. Hair Scarves: If there was ever a cuter or simpler accessory to add to an outfit, I don’t know what it would be. For one, there are innumerable options to choose from when selecting a hair scarf- solid, patterned, bright, neutral, short, long… and the list goes on! But here’s an example: take a solid, black hair scarf. Pair it with jeans, white tee, and black riding boots. Done. Pair it with a fab olive green skirt, blouse, and booties. Done.  Pair it with that LBD for a girls night out. Done. Your options are countless. And Ladies… best of all, it takes 0% effort. *Wakes up, throws hair into a pony, ties on scarf, looks fab… mic drop.*

As sad as I am to say goodbye to summer, Lord knows this girl is ready for some plaid prints, jack-o-lanters, and pumpkin spi- … jk, I am not THAT basic. But yes, please bring on the 60 degree weather, mother nature, because this gal is ready!



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