Corporate Cocktail & Black Tie

Hey there chickas!

This past weekend, Shane and I went to a company event for Shane’s work. For one, it was such a great time! The event was held in Atlantic City at the Resorts Hotel and Casino. A quick tid-bit about Resorts; it was actually the very first Atlantic City Casino/Resort- how cool it that?!

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L A S H E D: My First Experience with Eyelash Extensions

Scenario: You wake up frantic because you’ve slept through your alarm. You officially have 10 minutes to get dressed (jk, now 7 minutes because you just did an obligatory skim-through on insta… you obv HAVE to know if you missed something in your 8 hours of slumber) put your face on, and get out the door! However, you quickly realize this is hardly a challenge because half of your makeup regimen is already done. How, you might ask? Because of your EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

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5 Summer Trends to Transition to Fall

Just one thing- can you believe it is already September (#gag)?! 

So, in honor of the summer months passing, I wanted to do a round up of all my favorite trends from this summer, and more importantly, how these trends will transition beautifully into Fall. I have to give 2018 a round of applause, because I think this summer is one for the books- trends were on P O I N T. 

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Flirty & Frilly One-Piece Swimmies Under $30

Happy (very-much-belated ) 4th of July, my loves! I hope everyone’s day was filled with hamburgers, sparklers, and all things America!

As for me, I am one happy camper. Shane and I made our way down to the shore, where my family has a cute condo right on the dunes- it is the ultimate getaway! Accompanied by my sister and her fiance, we all spent our holiday on the beach, sipped some summer shandys, and soaked up some major sun (and probably a little too much sun, based off my lobster-like complexion I was sporting after!). I also learned something about myself during that vaca week- I SUCK at bocci ball?! Like, it’s actually pathetic, but Lord knows I (and the rando spectators on the beach) got a good laugh out of it.

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